Glazed Materials

Elgin Butler Company

Elgin Butler glazed brick is extruded clay, ceramic glazed architectural masonry units for interior and exterior, structural and veneer walls. Elgin Butler glazes are available in standard or custom colors that offer a durable and permanent wall surface that are impact, graffiti and weather resistant. Elgin Butler glazed brick is perfect for institutional buildings like schools, prisons and hospitals, there is not a more solid and secure wall cladding material available. For industrial applications, Elgin Butler Glazed Brick creates a sterile, extremely cleanable surface that will tolerate harsh chemicals and impact.

elgin butler glazed materilals


Gran Brique

Gran Brique glazed brick offers a natural brick texture matched with some of the most vibrant and unique colors. Gran Brique allows the designer, builder or homeowner to create an eye catching glazed surface that can’t be replicated by any other product and Gran Brique also offers the durability advantages of a glazed brick and tile surfaces. Use Gran Brique glazed brick with our TABS Wall System to bring colorful flair with the advantage of an easy to install thin brick system. For all of the beauty of a glazed brick in a thin brick application choose Trikeenan Boneyard Brick. Trikeenan Boneyard Brick is a highly durable, glazed thin brick product that provides a green advantage to a glazed brick application by utilizing reclaimed materials. For LEED projects requiring Recycled Material credits specify Trikeenan Boneyard Brick and take advantage of a post-industrial recycled material.


Please Note – Glazed Materials may not be available in all areas. Please make sure to check with your sales representative to discuss your Glazed Materials solution.