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Belden Tri-State Building Material’s New Truck and Forklift

Back in 1987 we were the first distributor of brick {Today we deliver Brick, Pavers, Stone, Mortars, Architectural CMU, Cast Stone, Glazed Brick, Thin Brick, Wall systems, tile, Exterior Ventilated Façade and Terra-Cotta Facades} in the New York – New Jersey metro area to have our own fleet of trucks and company trained drivers. What does this all mean? We are in control of the deliveries and the materials; we inspect every load of what we receive in one of our two distribution facilities (Saddle Brook and Riverdale, New Jersey). Brick is measured and checked for ASTM tolerance compliance. Other materials are verified according to their respective standards as well.

Our trucks are well maintained and we have contracts to supply us with back-up equipment so we minimize down time. We use different forms of unloading equipment; Booms, Moffetts and flatbeds to ensure we can deliver to any job condition. We verify the loaded material for quantities, quality and safety. The trucks are detailed so anyone with a complaint can recognize who to call for specific issues (usually our customers tell us we are the best in the entire industry) and call us.

Our drivers are all Belden Tri-State Building Materials employees and are trained in the importance of safe on time deliveries and to accommodate all reasonable customer requests. They are responsible for their specific equipment and they even have a voice in purchasing it to ensure their particular needs are met.

Belden Tri-State Building Materials and our partners are committed to accurate on time deliveries of the materials we deliver. We are constantly looking for way to improve customer service. Below is the latest truck addition to the fleet with its operator/partner EJ and our latest forklift.

BTSBM Truck & Forklift

Belden Tri-State Building Materials sponsors Sean Hanna Foundation and the 1st annual Clubs Against Cancer event

Belden Tri-State Building Materials is a proud corporate sponsor for the Sean Hanna Foundation, a public charity that aims to ease the burdens of patients suffering from childhood cancers and support their families in honor of the life of its namesake, Sean Hanna.

The foundation provides a comprehensive support network including financial aid for struggling families and medical expenses. SHF also offers scholarships to patients who embody Sean’s fighting spirit through an endowment that is grown each year. Additionally, the foundation is a proud member and supporter of POETIC, the Pediatric Oncology Experimental Therapeutics Investigators Consortium, a group of research and care givers that specialize in developing intensive treatments in the pediatric cancer fields.

In 2011 Belden Tri-State sponsored the first annual Clubs Against Cancer event at Upper Montclair Country Club, which raised over $30,000 for the foundation’s operations.

Sean Hanna Foundation Event

Annual Benefit for Kids by Creative Art

Belden Tri-State Building Materials attended the Annual Benefit for Kids by Creative Art Works to support the lives of our city’s underserved young people through the arts.

We proudly support this wonderful organization and want to give a special thanks to Robert Finger of Fogarty Finger Architecture for the work he does as the Co-Chair.

Creative Art Works Event