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Belden Tri-State Building Materials offers a full range of standard mortars for use in every masonry application. We conveniently offer both pre-mixed and non-mixed colored mortars for use in any condition on brick, block or stone masonry walls.


Providing flawless single source color palettes


Westbrook Block Premix Mortar assures color consistency throughout and offers the end user flexibility to match, complement, or contrast architectural concrete masonry units, clay brick, cast stone, or manufactured stone.

Our mortar blends are formulated using the same quality aggregates and pigments used in our architectural units, offering the possibility to exactly match our architectural CMU. All Premix Colored Mortars are available in a Portland/Lime blend in Type N, S, or M strength formulations. They are also available as specialty mixes such as Stone Veneer Mortar and Thin Pointing Mixes.

All Pre-Blended Masonry Mortar mixes meet ASTM C270 and C387 requirements.


lehigh standard kit

For over a century Lehigh Companies have built a solid reputation for supplying high masonry and cement products. Their wide range of colors, including custom mortar matching capabilities, shows their continued commitment to creativity, versatility and integrity.

Lehigh Hanson Custom Color Cement is specifically formulated and quality-controlled for use as mortar in masonry unit construction. The Lehigh and Flamingo Standard Kits of colors illustrated below reflect these applications and are designed to simulate mortar finished under optimal conditions. Upon request, we will provide through our dealers a sample of pre-blended cement to be used in the erection of a sample panel for color evaluation and approval.